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ارسم الصورة

Whether we live in a big house or a small apartment, always looking for solutions to the process of the store is a must when storage is not distorted available stockpiling purposes unexpectedly beautiful space may spoil the overall shape and that we can find solutions from within the furniture itself, or by taking advantage of some angles and corners marginalized.
Were any available space we have, we choose the best solution for storage to conform with the nature of things and each group and place available on all this in line with your own taste and with what fits your style of living.
For example, you can choose a volume stand-alone or Design a closet to choose units that appeal to you
Of storage systems:
– Shelves
– Metal baskets
– Rods comment
According to your needs and the kind of cupboards his advantage, both from an aesthetic point of the year for his appearance or the flexibility to change the place and moved from place to place when you would like to renew at home.
The clothes cabinets that have adjustable shelves suit the storage requirements as well that clothes removable pull-looking, well-ventilated baskets and their contents can be accessed easily. It can also store shoes on shelves mounted on the wall can be used in the right place, which Takhtar and the way you like best. As commentator shoe organizer lets you store your shoes in the wardrobe.
You can also Okhittar cavity wall as a solution for storage and is one of the innovative solutions for storage in the world of decoration, regardless of whether it was a big house or small, they are elegant and inexpensive solution and creates a space that can be used, especially if they were decorated door glass vinegars or wood openwork until it turns into Cupboard attractive form, in the case of leave it open can put some accessories in it. This wall cavities have a great credit to avoid some architectural defects that may exist in your home
You can build a cupboard in the wall takes the whole room space and opens its doors to draw from the north and the right. And it can be added to the internal lamp helps to find the desired pieces. Making such tires is not difficult, they are designed to demand and measured by specialized companies or by a professional carpenter.
The third choice, which does not fit, but broad and large allocation of houses, a room for the wardrobe. The usual is to open the safe and take clothes them and then wear them, but this case is that you you open the door to enter the Treasury and then two substitutions clothes in comfort and ease and then you go out of the Treasury in this room and serve as a fixed place to store your clothes and clothes family
This system gives a high storage capacity and thus occupies less space

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